'The Vanderbilt Buckle' Belt Kit Buckle 32mm (1 1/4") Detachable Belt Buckle

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The Vanderbilt Buckle is a luxury detachable belt buckle allows you to move the buckle to any 32mm (1 1/4") belt strap.  This buckle is used to construct the Belt Kit found in the Leatherwork School book.  This buckle will also work with other luxury 32mm belt straps that you may already own.

NOTE: The Vanderbilt buckle and belt strap picture is shown for illustration purposes only.  Using the illustrated instruction in the Leatherwork School book, you can make your own belt strap!

Please specify which buckle type you want:


  • Polished solid brass with gold plating
  • Polished solid brass with palladium plating
  • Satin Finish solid brass with gold plating
  • Satin Finish solid brass with palladium plating
  • Matte Black solid brass with black plating

Quantity discounts are available and you can mix and match buckle colors and finishes to qualify for a discount.  Use the following discount codes at checkout.  Please email support@leatherworkschool.com for larger quantity inquiries.

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