Victorio Projects Watchstrap Templates - Apple Watch Set - 4 Templates INITIAL DEPOSIT

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This deposit is $50 and the final payment is $50 for a total price of $100 for the full set.  

ALSO - You will select your shipping method with your initial deposit (the final payment has no shipping charge).  If you are in the US, first class mail is getting slow and unreliable.  I suggest you pick UPS (preferred) or Priority Mail  

Leatherwork School is the authorized distributor for Victorio Project Watchstrap Templates.  If you are in Russia, please order from @VictorioProjects.  The Apple Watch Template Set for making watch straps consists of 4 sizes: 24/20, 24/18, 22/20, 22/18.  All other countries besides Russia should order here. With the Apple Watch set you will also get a set of Podiums (Pre-formed padding inserts), one pair for each size in the kit = 8 Podiums. 

You can also use the Apple Set to make straps for non-Apple watches (as long as the lug width is 24MM or 22MM)


Purchasers will also have secure access to a video with English subtitles showing you how to make watch straps. This will be available shortly before the templates are delivered.