KNIVES: Skiving Knives

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Leatherwork School is partnering with Jun Lin Leathercraft to bring high quality leather tools to the market. 

These new skiving knives are made with the steel that is one of the most suitable materials for skiving knives - M2 Steel.  They hold their sharpness very well and usually just require stropping to bring them back. All knife blades are 3mm thick.

The knives are available in 3 models: 30mm wide with a single bevel, 22mm single bevel and 22mm double bevel. 

 Single bevel knives are best for traditional skiving or leather thinning applications.  Double bevel knives can be used for skiving as well, but you may need higher skills for skiving with this knife over the single bevel.  The double bevel knife is most suitable or clicking or cutting out leather projects.  The greatest strength of this knife is making clean straight cuts. 

All of skiving knifes had been hand sharpened prior to shipment to you so they are ready to go when you receive them. 

We are offering discounts when you purchase more than one knife. Be sure to input your discount code with your order:

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19cm / 7.5 inches