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We have a few zip guides left.  These all have slight cosmetic flaws that in  no way affect the use of the guides. FINAL SALE

If you install zippers on any of your projects, then a zipper guide will help deliver professional results. Made from precision engineered annodized aluminum, the size 4 and 6 guides come with two sides to give you a choice in how far away you want your leather from the zip teeth.  With the size 6 guides, you can space the leather either 3 or 4mm away from the teeth. With the size 4 guide, you can space the leather 2 or 3mm away from the teeth.  The wider width is helpful if you are doing a zip on a folded zip pouch for example. The 8mm guide is fixed at 4mm away from the teeth.  While other manufacturers' guides offer an 'all in one' stick, we firmly believe that your placement on a size 4 zip should be closer than a size 6 zip.  That is why we offer individual sizes.  

The guides come in the following sizes:

  • 15cm long: Size 4 for Riri size 4 zips or Excella size 3 zips 
  • 15cm long: Size 6 for Riri size 6 zips or Excella size 5 zips
  • 30cm long: Size 6 for Riri size 6 zips or Excella size 5 zips
  • 30cm long: Size 8 for Riri size 8 zips or Excella size 8 zips



  • Size 4 (15mm) + 6 (15mm) - Buy Both and Save $10 
  • Size 8 (30mm) + either Size 4 (15mm) or Size 6 (15m) - Buy both and save $15 
  • Size 6 (30mm and 15mm) - Buy Both and Save $15 
  • Long Bundle (Size 6 and SIze 8) Both 30mm - Buy Both and Save $20
  • OR get the All Sizes Bundle and save $30!
  • No discount code needed; just select the bundle you want!